Monday, 6 February 2012

What do we want...?

A delightful pair of images of one very lovely model.

I think the use of his body for such extremely important slogans is completely appropriate.

In fact I would go further: not just legalizing nudity but, in the case of people like him, making it compulsory. It would only be fair.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Oh, joy of joys - my favourite pornographer has taken portraits of my favourite porn star.

This is "Austen" (doubtless some in-joke about him being from Texas and all), and he has a mighty fine set of dangly bits.

Austen is both an enthusiastic bottom and a vigorous top. Blimey.

He also has a delightfully manly body with not too much mad shaving, and some truly delicious-looking genitalia.

Austen can also be found on some, er, specialist sadism/bondage type sites, as well as being a star of LeDuc favourite Naked Kombat (apologies for that initial "K", but if I'd spelt it properly you wouldn't have found it on Google).

I prefer not to think of those madder torture-y scenes and, instead, to remember Austen as a studly boy with considerable talents.

My favourite pornographer has succeeded brilliantly in capturing both them and the man behind the cock. As always, very nice work.

Quirky one

It's been a while since I featured my favourite 0-6-0 steam locomotive, the delightful Southern Railway Q1.

For those of you with short memories, this engine was designed in 1940 when the Southern Railway suddenly found itself on the frontline of the Second World War. Overwhelmingly a commuter and passenger system, the Southern was desperately short of heavy freight engines.

Genius Chief Mechanical Engineer Oliver Bulleid designed the Q1, an extremely robust machine that used substantially less material than any equivalent machine that even approached its formidable performance.

It was the most powerful 0-6-0 engine ever to operate in Britain, and it succeeded far beyond expectations.

An "austerity" design which was simply intended to help Britain through the war, its usefulness was such that it survived well into the 1960s and almost to the end of steam.

Its stripped-down appearance offended the sensibilities of many who were more at home with Edwardian design principles, but I rather like its Bauhaus minimalism.

They were rarely seen in a clean condition, since they spent most of their time on heavy freight work (although they did have regular passenger turns, including the cross-country Reading-Redhill route).

But it's doing this sort of work that was their bread and butter:

The Q1 was the last 0-6-0 designed in Britain, and the last design of inside-cylinder steam locomotive, too. One survives at the National Railway Museum.

Gleeful again

Is it ok to confess that, after an exhilarating start, I got a bit bored with Glee?

The arrival of the spectacularly lovely Chord Overstreet went some way in balancing the boredom...

Now this latest sequence appears to hold out the promise of a lot more screen time for Chord's deliriously and spectacularly sexy body, and I'm tempted...

You see, for some strange reason Trout Mouth really turns me on. I mean, really...

There's just no accounting for what is a turn-on to us, is there? Mystifying. Though I simply don't understand why he's not wearing very, very skimpy Speedos. There is no justice.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Here we go again...

I am completely in love with this utterly angelic model.

Yes, yes, I know he's shaved himself, and you know how much I hate that...

But, but... Damnit! There's something rather lovely about him anyway.

Enough to make me overcome my antipathy to body shavers and, instead, to focus on the loveliness of his pert wee winkie.

On the soft curvature of his muscly, manly pecs and that delicious-looking stomach...

Of the glistening hairs on his legs, the tantalising remnants of chest hair...

Er... and the ending isn't at all bad, either -- loving those teeny balls:

Yes, he is indeed a worthy winner of my Daily Crush award, to the model that has successfully stolen my heart and lustiness.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

We salute you

A single silly/delightful image -- not porn stars or gym bunnies but real, fleshly humans.

And it's nice to see growers rather than showers, for a change: very impressive, actually. Aren't cocks extraordinary?

Friday, 20 January 2012

More holiday snaps

Honestly, there's really no need to beg. If you want to see more of my NY photos please do just ask!

I always think it's much easier to take photos in very crisp sunshine than it is in pouring rain...

Though I rather like the ethereality of that, a sharp contrast to the iconic sharpness of these water-towers:

This is one of the huge vistas you can now get from the High Line:

And here's a lovely concrete detail from the other end of the line:

More rainy streets now, and I love the way the reds of cars and traffic lights stand out in New York (which is generally what some fashion designer or other brilliantly described as shades of "greige"):

Let's end here, with a cliche tourist shot:

Except that... Goddamnit! It's the Pan Am building, not "MetLife"! Although savour the irony that the seemingly all-conquering Pan Am towered over Grand Central, but it's Grand Central that's still working as part of an operational transport system.

Fed up

I'm curious. I posted a small selection of images of this wonderful chap, and not one of you has commented. Is it only me that adores him?

And, just so you're up to speed, only 4% left of the image capacity of this blog, a mere 30MB of pictorial happiness before it all comes to an end. Hope you're making the most of it!


A selection of unconnected images for your delight, starting with this wonderful angle:

But I mean, honestly, just how enormous is his cock?

This next one is so beautifully tranquil:

... which can't really be said for this one:

I do love a good, honest exhibitionist. This chap is one of the best (I have some others of him, if you're interested):

But it's now time for a bit of Art:

I've never been a huge fan of carefully positioned drapes or wet clothing, but this pair does seem to do something for me.

A different sort of pair, now, on a self-hugging theme:

I like this pair a lot.

Whereas I'm not normally a fan of feet, and certainly not of dirty socks, but there's something so deliciously upfront about this one:

Let's end here, with the evocatively named "view from an 18-wheeler":

How come I never encounter such visions of glorious loveliness when I'm out driving?

New New York

Having returned from New York it is necessary for you to see my holiday photos. The first shot needs no introduction.

The actual terminus building at Grand Central has been wonderfully restored -- really, it's quite remarkable:

Alas, the same love has not been lavished on the working parts of the station, as you can see here on a ramp down to the platforms (or, as I think they call them, "tracks"):

I can't bring myself to post images of the hideous building which replaced Pennsylvania station (and in which I had a meeting. I spent the whole time depressed by the crime against architecture). But here's the main Post Office next door which, according to the plans, will be reused as a new Penn station:

Since this was a day of torrential rain, the free translation of Herodotus seemed wholly appropriate. "Neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds":

My final railway-related activity was, of course, my first-ever trip to see the High Line park:

Created from the disused (obviously) elevated freight tracks that stretch down the west side of Manhattan, there is much joy to be had here:

Not just for the tracks and industrial archaeology, but for the sheer magnificence of the viaducts -- here a section that is not yet park, but that is scheduled to become so:

The other joy of the High Line is, of course, what can be seen from it:

Unexpected vistas along previously hidden back alleys...

A formidable wall of low-rent housing -- so vast as to be inhuman...

And, of course, the inevitable upmarket architecture which is taking over parts of the meat-packing district:

My favourite has been constructed in association with the High Line -- the new Standard Hotel, straddling the track-bed and seeming to float above it.

New York is such an extraordinary city. I can't believe I waited so long for a return visit.